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Gimme More! Building Your Mediasite Suite

So you’ve been using Mediasite to upload and host your video content for a little while, and you love what it can do, but now you want more.  Because not all users have the same needs, Sonic Foundry have a adopted a “smart decisions, sensible licensing” approach to Mediasite:

“No two enterprise video deployments are alike, so you shouldn’t have to pay a one-size-fits-all price.  That’s why our Mediasite licensing models are individually priced to fit your unique video needs.  Cloud-based or on-premises, one room or 100, there’s a Mediasite solution that’s right-sized for you – and your budget.”

This approach allows you to build your Mediasite suite by adding on additional tools to the basics that you already have, without having to buy products that aren’t necessary.  Here we’ll outline some of the extra features that are available using the above-mentioned licensing models and give you examples of how they can be used in your organisation.

My Mediasite

My Mediasite is probably the most valuable add on available.  Not only can you use it to create your own videos with the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, but staff and students can also use it to create, upload and manage content without having to give them access to your management portal.

Users will have access to their own content, as well as anything that has been shared with them.  They can then use My Mediasite to share this content, either by forwarding viewers the link or creating a Channel.  A Channel is an easy way to give access to your content library, with new videos able to be added as you go.

My Mediasite has a lot of features available to users, such as editing presentations, adding quizzes or editing previously uploaded captions.


Catch is the perfect tool for organisations that want to have multiple recording rooms but either don’t have the budget for full recorder set ups or don’t have the IT capability in every room.

Catch is software based and can be installed on any PC with Windows 8 or higher, and it gives you several options of what can be recorded:

Video and desktop

Video and slides

Video only

Audio and desktop

Audio and slides

Audio only

Whether you need to record classes in your school or university, or you have training or meeting rooms in your office space, Catch is as simple as installing the software on a PC, attaching a camera and / or microphone and pressing record.  You can also set up Schedules so that the recordings automatically start, stop and publish, meaning staff in the room don’t need to undergo any additional training.

Catch Recordings can then be treated like any other Mediasite presentation: you can edit it, adjust the security, and add to showcases and catalogues, to name just a few of the options available.


If your organisation uses videoconferencing as a communication tool then Join is the perfect add on.  This simple tool records your videoconferences (both video and content, as separate feeds), allowing people who may have missed an important meeting, couldn’t make it to their class, or those needing a refresher, to watch the videoconference back on demand in the exact same way they can with any other Mediasite video.

Mediasite Join can be deployed either on-premises as an appliance or as software in Mediasite Video Cloud, and stream calls are live before making them available on-demand.  Join integrates with your existing conferencing systems, such as Cisco, Sony, Zoom and Polycom to name a few.

The great thing about Join for organisations who already have Mediasite and videoconferencing is that this is the perfect partner, joining together already established systems, and making both even more effective.


On occasion you may have the need to download a copy of your presentations, whether it’s to supply to users who don’t have Internet access or because you need to upload it to another location.  The Vodcast licence will allow you to download your presentation, but also gives you the option of what to download.  For example, if your presentation has video and slides you can have both of these included in the vodcast.  However, if you only want the video, audio or audio and slides then it’s as simple as selecting a different vodcast project.

Vodcasts can also be used when setting up RSS Feeds so that viewers know when new content has been made available to them.

Multiple Showcases

If you haven’t checked Showcases out yet now is the time to do it.  Mediasite comes with a default showcase that can be used to create a library of easily searchable content.  If you’re loving your showcase and can see a use for multiple Showcases then sign up for this one.  The advantage of multiple showcases is that you can customise each one for a specific audience or purpose.  For example, you may have a showcase for HR training videos, a showcase for promotional videos and a showcase for your annual conference.  The promotional showcase may be open access, with all content viewable without the need to register or enter a password.  On the other hand, your conference showcase may be connected to a third party authentication system so that only users who have paid to attend virtually are able to watch content, and your HR showcase may have registration enabled so that you know which staff have been viewing the videos.

Showcases have features such as:

Spotlight: highlight up to 6 important or new videos in your spotlight.

Channels: you can have as many channels as needed, with as many videos in each Channel as required (videos can also appear in more than one Channel).  Channels make it easy for people to look through a catalogue of videos that have the same topic.  For example, in your HR showcase you could have a channel on staff recruitment, a channel for professional development and a channel for explaining various leave options within the company.

Comments: users can make comments on a presentation and have other users respond, opening up the lines of communication between yourself and viewers.

We’ve only briefly covered each of these add ons here, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to see a demonstration of how they work or to request a quote.