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One Platform. All Video. Mediasite Video Platform is the most automated and scalable system for creating, publishing, searching and managing all of your video. It lets you focus on the bigger picture – transforming education, accelerating training, personalizing communications and amplifying your organization’s knowledge.


A simple, cost effective turnkey solution designed specifically to meet the unique challenges of viewing & recording live audio and video activity over a network. Applications include recording city council meetings, medical simulations, clinical observations, police interrogations and video interviews

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JPL Media is a full service solutions provider delivering world-class digital experiences since 2007. We specialise in helping to create, distribute & track knowledge based content through various forms of online interactive media. Our digital leadership and capabilities are a direct result of an appreciation for designing dynamic functionality for web, mobile applications, and connected devices while integrating live and on-demand multimedia, providing valuable products for thousands of people around the globe. Our clients represent higher education, government, corporate, life sciences, financial services and not for profit organisations. We are currently hosting over 40,000 hours of searchable interactive rich media content generated by over 10,000 content creators, from a wide range of industries. Our solutions have been chosen based on their high level of automation & enterprise scalability, meaning you won’t spend all your life trying to make things work. Our partners are the best in the industry bar none.

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  • Building an Enterprise Video Platform for TAFE Queensland

    The folks at Videolinq – the Video Conferencing & Video Streaming service provider for TAFE Queensland – had a problem. They deployed Tandberg Video Conferencing throughout the State of Queensland and forked out big bucks for Tandberg Content Server (TCS), an appliance based solution for recording video conferences.

    It sounded great on the surface but as time went by, TAFE Queensland’s storage policy and a lack of content management capability within TCS – meant that it was becoming time consuming to manage recordings and then after all the effort, the organisation couldn’t store them for long enough to make good use of them.

    Videolinq have been users of Mediasite for many years and had previously used the platform for streaming live presentations or automating the capture of adhoc video conference meetings. We got talking about some of the features they weren’t using – such as media import projects. Its genius…you point your Mediasite to a “dropbox” location and whenever a new media file appears, Mediasite automatically ingests it – then notifies you when its ready.

    Thanks to some Kiwi ingenuity, we were able to integrate TCS with Mediasite so that when recordings are completed on TCS – they’re automatically ingested into Mediasite so they can be easily managed, secured, searched, tagged, categorised and authorised viewers can watch content from anywhere, anytime. Since we’re hosting Mediasite for TAFE Queensland, there’s no issues regarding storage or bandwidth limits so we can now look forward to further integration projects such as enabling automatic publishing of content into the new Learning Management System.

    All in a days work for us here at JPL. Let us know how we can help you make sense of your video assets whilst you sip champagne on the beach!

    Building an Enterprise Video Platform for TAFE Queensland
  • Massey University’s Online Video Tidal Wave





    How did a university with one full-time staffer and three distributed campuses, including a distance learning program with 16,000 enrolled students, create thousands of online presentations with hundreds of thousands of views?

    Vision, cooperation and Mediasite.

    “After seven years of persistence, and a bucket load of patience, Massey University is not only adopting Mediasite, but hitting it hard with a multimillion dollar, multi-campus scale-up that we like to call the rich media learning project, or RML for short,”

    Matt Alexander.

    Massey, located in New Zealand, uses Mediasite for university-wide automated lecture capture, as well as conferences, staff training and high profile, no-fail, live webcasts of VIP speakers in a variety of environments, from traditional classroom lecture theaters to traditional Maori meeting houses. Its deployment of Mediasite is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Back in 2005, we started showing Matt – a Multimedia Developer in those days – how to capture presentations on the fly without having to spend hours in post production. We had a vision that the university could switch its paper based extra mural courses, into online courses using Mediasite to power the delivery of knowledge in an audible, visual & kinesthetic way.

    Now, the university is taking it to the next step by implementing a flipped approach – recording short lectures for students to watch before class, freeing up teaching time so classes are more engaging and active.

    Check out the video that Matt has produced that explains what they’ve created.

    Matt says the video “hints at the effort required to evangelise, develop and deploy a multi-campus rich media approach to on-line learning in a very traditional New Zealand University.

    “It shows that through persistence, patience and hard work, good things can finally happen. Massey University not only finally adopted Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite but we’re are hitting it hard, with a multimillion dollar, multi-campus scale-up that we like to call the Rich media Learning project.

    “Mediasite is the engine that manages our Lecture Capture schedules, provides desktop capture and screencast capability, as well as enables managed dissemination of student-centred media enriched learning objects to its online learners.

    “From a technical perspective, the University’s Rich Media Learning project provisions for an exceptional University-wide teaching and learning production facility.

    Mediasite to Massey University is more than just a webcasting solution that allows us to teach across distance and time; it is a transformative pedagogical tool that we have finally unleashed from pilot phase into the hands of our faculty as we too move towards a more flipped approached to teaching.

    “With Mediasite, we can look forward to a future where all our students are more engaged in active learning, problem-solving, in the application of their instruction.  Through freed-up teaching time our staff are able to provide more informative and engaging lessons enhancing the overall student learning experience.”

    And what do you know? Matt was lucky enough to be awarded for his efforts. Its the second time Matt’s been awarded – and we’re very proud to have been associated with Matt and the rest of the team at Massey.



    Massey University’s Online Video Tidal Wave
    Higher Education
  • ACCYPN’s Hybrid Event

    ACCYPN is a small not for profit organisation run by a small group of passionate individuals dedicated to supporting nurses working with children and their families. Like many not for profit organisations, ACCYPN relies heavily on membership dues and event registration revenue to keep its business operating. Not for profit doesn’t mean no revenue. One of the challenges that ACCYPN has been facing is a drop in event attendance. To help offset the drop in revenue from reduced event attendance – ACCYPN approached us to webcast their annual conference. In the past, we would simply record presentations and upload them for on demand viewing after the event. Like many people, the good folks at ACCYPN were worried about cannibalising attendance at their major event so they decided not to allow delegates to view content until after the event.

    After  ACCYPN decided to raise the bar and offer a fully hybrid event experience to their members and non-members across Australia.

    After months of planning, ACCYPN delivered their first hybrid event – generating revenue from attendees who couldn’t make it in person for a number of reasons, and providing in person delegates with an opportunity to catch up on sessions they had missed or to review sessions they enjoyed.



    We provided a 3 man crew to manage the event over 3 days and also consulted before the event to provide ACCYPN with a range of best practices and advice. During the event – all sessions were webcast live and then uploaded for immediate on demand playback. The online audience could ask questions via their keyboard, as well as take part in polls throughout the event.

    The results? A win win for ACCYPN and its members. ACCYPN increased attendance at their event and generated revenue. Members who wouldn’t normally be able to attend the event were able to participate from wherever they were located. Sponsors took the opportunity to get their messages delivered well beyond the four walls of the venue.


    ACCYPN’s Hybrid Event
    Hybrid Events
  • Flipped Classrooms at Southern Cross University

    The flipped model has been a mainstay at some of the best institutions over the past decade, and adoption is rising rapidly. Here at JPL Media we’re seeing more and more people use Mediasite to flip their classrooms with video, like Mieke & James Hearne from Southern Cross University.

    Since deploying MyMediasite – SCU academics are reporting more interaction with students and a transformation in the way they communicate. The next step is to allow students to create their own content, so they can be assessed easily.


    Is flipping your classrooms on your New Year’s resolution list? Here are five tips from professors all over the country to help you follow through:

    1. Do it gradually – Most people don’t jump in a head-first and teachers shouldn’t have to either. Teachers can implement it in one class or subject area and as the students and teachers become more comfortable, the model can be expanded. The important thing is that students have anytime access to on-demand course material, so they feel their learning is flexible. Doing the process at the pace of the students will give them a sense of security and allow them to succeed.
    2. Watch the first few lectures ahead of time – Doing this will make the process less daunting to teachers and the students. Teachers can see if they’re presenting the material in a way that’s easy to grasp but also comprehensive. They can also switch it up to keep the lecture interesting and feeling conversational.
    3. Take advantages of resources – Teachers need to look at what’s available to them on every level to make changes in the classroom. Ensure that the technology is in place, that the administration is behind the model, and decide when it will be implemented.
    4. Get feedback constantly – As teachers start to implement the model, they should be asking for feedback from students. Ask them how they’re feeling and if it’s working for them. The teacher may find the transition process could be sped up if students are responding positively.
    5. Make expectations clear – Flipped classrooms aren’t throwing out all the rules of a teacher’s handbook, it’s just modifying the way the message gets out. As it is with any classroom, the teacher needs to make the standards clear and follow through. This could mean pop quizzes to ensure students are watching the lecture or keeping an attendance policy. Simply having discussions based around the lecture students watched will also give teachers an idea of who’s engaging.

    Want to learn more about how to flip your classroom? Contact us for a free ebook.

    Flipped Classrooms at Southern Cross University
    Higher Education
  • Green Cities Mobile App & Live Webcast

    When the folks from the Property Council of Australia wanted to evolve their event and introduce a mobile app & live webcasting to engage their audience – they turned to us for help.

    In association with our partners – Zerista – we developed an integrated solution comprising of a unified desktop site & mobile app, integrated with our webcasting platform. Additional customisations included adding live polling to gather audience feedback throughout the event.

    Several hundred attendees along with sponsors and exhibitors created personal profiles,updated their schedules, organised meetings, asked questions, watched live and on demand webcasts and more, all via a single app.

    The result? Over 60% adoption, a ton of meetings arranged in advance, improved networking opportunities and several thousand replays of recorded content.

    The best part? We can track who watched what, for how long, the most watched segment, what sessions were the most popular, what people were most interested in and more.

    Green Cities Mobile App & Live Webcast
    Hybrid Events
  • Mediasite Noobs – Waiariki Institute of Technology

    We proudly welcome Waiariki Institute of Technology to our growing customer base using Mediasite by Sonic Foundry.

    Our Technical Director – Ian Vogel – has recently finished building their Mediasite, ready for Semester 1. There’s still a few tweaks to sort out but we’re sure that the folks at WIT will be webcasting like a boss before too long

    Mediasite Noobs – Waiariki Institute of Technology
    Higher Education
  • Greentree4 Launch Event


    On November 12, the world got to learn about Greentree4, at its global launch event streamed via the web. We worked with our partners – Multimedia NZ – to produce a TED Talks style delivery live to a global audience. The project involved building a custom streaming solution that would enable Greentree to loop a promotional video before the main event, then switch seamlessly to the live event as soon as the crew started streaming.

    Once the event had finished, we quickly produced the video for on demand viewing for people waking up in other time zones. Click here to view the event.

    Peter Dickinson

    “Greentree4 is as much a revolution as it is an evolution.”

    Peter Dickinson
    Greentree International



    Greentree4 Launch Event
    Hybrid Events
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Our Team

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Julian Lefebvre
Julian Lefebvre
Founder & CEO
Julian has over 25 years experience in the digital media industry and has worked for many of the worlds leading brands (Sonic Foundry, Linn HiFi, Mitsubishi Electric, Thomson, ProjectionDesign). Dedicated to making life simple, Julian is a Kiwi living on the Gold Coast with his beautiful family. Julian loves snow skiing, tennis, rugby union and playing loud music!
Ian Vogel
Ian Vogel
Head of Cool Stuff
Ian is our guru when it comes to building things. Ian has completed over 100 Mediasite installations, including higher education projects such as Auckland U of Technology, Southern Cross U, U of Bordeaux, U of Poitiers, U of Manchester, Birmingham City U, London Business School, Cardiff U, Royal Holloway, U of Leipzig, U of Magdeburg, EDHEC, KAUST, Virtual University of Tunis, and dozens of corporate installations, healthcare installations, and live event projects. Ian is a wicked DJ and is passionate about permaculture.
Gabrielle Fry
Gabrielle Fry
Client Success Manager – GigTV
Gabrielle is an English rose, living on the Gold Coast. Gabrielle graduated from Royal Holloway University with a degree in digital media and is responsible for all client projects. Gabrielle loves surfing, making cool things, humming and singing at the top of her voice. She’s also a very talented sound engineer (hence why she likes to hum)
Ray Hawkins
Ray Hawkins
General Manager – GigTV
Ray is an Australian who lives in Brisbane and loves everything to do with streaming media. Ray comes to us with decades of experience from his previous company – Mediavisionz – a Brisbane based organisation specialising in streaming events around Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Ray’s interests include bocce, sleep overs and dancing in the moonlight.
Jan Oakley-Balsom
Jan Oakley-Balsom
Business Development – GigTV NZ
Jan is a Kiwi living in Mt Maunganui in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. Jan’s background is helping launch new products and building out sales channels. Jan is responsible for building new business in NZ for GigTV – our event broadcasting service. Jan loves cooking, snow skiing (like a goddess) and dancing like crazy.
Keren Waddell
Keren Waddell
Client Services Specialist
Keren is raising a wonderful family based in beautiful Burleigh Heads and looks after our clients support requirements. Keren’s elegance and flair is as legendary as her philosophies on life and endless tales of wild adventures into the outback.
Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones
Client Success Manager – Mediasite
Shannon joined JPL Media in 2017 after spending 18 years as the Videostreaming Coordinator for TAFE Queensland. Shannon’s fabulous to work with because she’s got so much experience managing a video streaming platform and her approach is non-technical meaning that you’ll get your Mediasite up and running super fast and will have everyone loving the user experience. Shannon lives in Mackay, in tropical North Queensland and in her spare time, coaches a soccer team.
Daniel Kulaš
Daniel Kulaš
GigTV Queensland
Daniel has come to Australia from the UK and was recently working for Microhire as an AV Account Manager at the Royal International Convention Centre in Brisbane. Daniel’s background is selling and providing audio visual services at some of the leading venues in the UK and Brisbane. Daniel and his wife have two fur babies Pez (pug) Luna (frenchie). His interests are cars and anything to do with cars, photography, technology and outdoor adventures.
Dan Bowers
Dan Bowers
Creative Producer, Videographer
Dan recently moved to the Gold Coast from Sydney with his family. Dan is a multi creative content producer with over 10 years’ experience creating all kinds of content including digital content, social media, TV promos, trailers, short form content, corporate videos and interviews, vox pops and audio books. Dan can help conceptualise, write, edit, shoot, direct, audio mix, file encode and deliver on schedule. Dan works with Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Pro Tools for audio production. Dan can operate DSLR cameras, camera audio and lighting – basically set up and direct a shoot autonomously edit and deliver. In his spare time, Dan likes photography, stand up paddle boarding and long walks on the beach with his dog
Freeman Trebilcock
Freeman Trebilcock
GigTV Victoria
Freeman Trebilcock is a director & producer based in Melbourne. His work is playful, rich and unexpected, crossing the boundaries between fact & fiction filmmaking. At the age of 12, he was ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk. He spent 10 years in the robes, studying on and off with teachers such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama. After completing a degree in Psychology, Freeman started and ran an interfaith youth organisation, and travelled the world speaking and running workshops. In Melbourne, he worked with radical celebrity priest Father Bob Maguire to start an interfaith food van called The Fast Supper. In 2016 Freeman completed a Masters in Film & Television at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne. There his work explored multi-narrative storytelling and the function of self-reflexivity in a documentary. This culminated in FORGING NED KELLY, a 16 minute hybrid of documentary & fiction filmmaking techniques. The film is a stylistic collage that creates slippage across a range of genres, all playfully interwoven into a single narrative thread of a modern-day outlaw, in trouble with the law for refusing to pay his parking fines. Freeman has just completed his first job producing on a feature film, THE EMPYREAN, a Screen Australia funded film with award-winning writer/director Amiel Courtin-Wilson due for release mid 2019.
Office Junior
Koda originates from Chesapeake Bay and loves playing ball and chasing sticks.


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